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This Week’s Podcast.

Here’s a link to this week’s episode of the podcast where we discussed the things you discover when you go back to driving a diesel van after living with an EV.


This is episode 49 of EV Musings a podcast about renewables, electric vehicles and things that are interesting to electric vehicle owners. On the show today we’ll be discussing what happens if you need to go back to driving an ICE vehicle. What are the problems and pitfalls and are they really as bad as everyone makes out? Links to Articles etc. The Road trip Episode: Cool things Fully Charged Show episode with The National Grid: Social media Gary Comerford: EVMusings: Twitter and Facebook If you want to support the podcast financially we have a Paypal tip link: Octopus Energy referral code (Click this link to get started) : “So, you’ve gone electric?” on Amazon:

Top Five EV/ Renewable Stories.

Converting fossil fuel cars to electric

With millions of existing fossil fuel vehicles on the road it might be a cheaper alternative for drivers (and better for the environment) to simply swap their engine out for a battery and a motor.

North West town aiming to have Britain’s first all-electric bus fleet

Warrington in the north west of England has set its sights on becoming the . The town, situated between Liverpool and Manchester, is one of the few in Britain with its own dedicated bus operator, which is owned by the local council.

Australia going solar?

Australia is a bit of an oxymoron when it comes to energy generation: large amounts of readily available solar but larger numbers of coal-powered plants. Things are changing, though, especially at the . Couple this with news from the US that cheaper and cheaper renewable energy installations have caused original profitability estimates to be reviewed upwards meaning .

Electric ships are gaining traction

Large ships tend to be some of the most environmentally unclean, polluting machines in existence. But slowly and surely there are companies out there pushing against this by . Check out how this also applies to fast ships as well with

Tesla looking to build in the UK?

The rumour that Tesla is looking for a location for a factory in the UK is gaining traction as there are now local reports that

A cool EV or renewable thing

This week’s cool thing on our podcast was Robert Llewellyn having a discussion with James Kelloway, Energy Intelligence Manager, from National Grid ESO.

This discussion covers topics such as the hardiness of the infrastructure that’s been in place for over 50 years, the ability of the grid to manage EV’s all charging at the same time, and the fact that we are starting to see the overall average CO2 level drop as we head towards the government mandated 2050 target.

Head over to . It’s an excellent discussion. Here’s the key quote :-

We are the first generation who understand climate change, and the last who can do anything about it.

Something To Think About.

It’s often said that people who look at life a slightly different way are the ones who end up making the most difference. I’m not sure how accurate that statement is (the correlation is not 1:1, I believe), but here’s one guy who certainly looks at things slightly differently. In ’50 ’ David Perell says ‘These are my guiding principles and the light of my intellectual life. All of them will help you think better, and I hope they inspire curiosity.’

Something for your pocket.

I like to provide something here that you might find useful when it comes to purchasing. It could be automotive related. it could be EV specific. Or it could just be something I saw that caught my eye.

This week’s offer falls in to the latter category: I read a lot of books — mostly on my Kindle. I even bought the full set of Harry Potter books to read. Paid the full Kindle price, too.

This was all before I heard about . A great way to get all the Kindle goodness you want for a fixed price per month. What’s more there’s now a two-month-free trial period! . Millions of books, periodicals and audiobooks. One fixed price per month.

I wish I’d registered before buying the Harry Potter novels.


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